Canisters are rigid desiccants when it comes to controlled atmosphere packaging to control moisture, odor and other volatiles. It is Ideal for pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging.
Canisters of desiccants are cylindrical containers filled with silica gelwhich can be put into pharmaceutical bottles. It can be inserted at high rates of speed into bottles and have become the precious standard of pharmaceutical desiccants. It is specially made for insertion equipment for packaging. Silica Gel Products Mfg. Co. proffersvarious standard sizes ranging from ½ gram to 3 grams.
Wesiccants Canister are used for high speed automatic.

  1. Insertion of decicaants in specialized packaging operations for the pharmaceuticals industry. The rigid cylindrical shape is ideal for high speed insertion.
  2. Silica gel Comply with FDA CFR 21for direct contract with food & drugs.
  3. Wistinctine shape of the canister make it easy to differentiate from pharmaceutical tablets & capsules in the container, there by preventing accidental ingestion.

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